An Invitation to Join the CoolREADS Author Community

Thanks for stopping by our website and kicking our tires. You came by at just the right time; we are now inviting potential authors to join our growing author community. Here are the reasons why joining our team might be the best thing that ever happened to you:

  • You want to be a published author. (Doesn’t everyone?)
  • You’re an expert in your field/area of interest and would like a platform on which to spread your message.
  • You’d love to have a book to hand out to prospective clients and/or customers. (Beats the heck out of a business card).
  • Your significant other is already a published author and you’d like to sell more books than he or she does.

Aly, George and I founded this business and started building our team of authors in January of 2017, so we’re a new kid on the old (nonfiction) block. As you learned if you stopped by our home page, our “quick reads on cool stuff” concept is an idea that is long overdue in nonfiction book publishing –– an idea that is potentially disruptive to the industry. If you’ve got a penchant for change and can write cool stuff, we’d love to have you onboard to share the ride.

Rather than waiting until the end of this invitation to mention the cost of getting your CoolREADS published, let’s get it over with. The cost for you is $3,000, which will include:

  • Editing –– We have a content editor on staff who will edit your work and make sure your finished product is up to our (and your) standards. We also have a copy editor for finishing touches.
  • Formatting –– Your book will need formatting for both e-book and hard-cody editions.
  • Design –– We’ll provide the front cover, back cover, and inside design.
  • ISBN number –– Every book needs one.
  • Amazon posting –– Perhaps the most difficult task of all is getting your book listed and advertised in the global network of Amazon sites the right way. We create listings using the KDP platform. We not only list both your ebook and paperback editions across the Amazon network of sites, but we meet also and/or exceed all the best practices relative to the listing. We also go above and beyond simply listing your book by optimizing them for search and the highest possible conversion rates. Beyond that, we monitor reviews and interact with consumers to ensure the highest possible satisfaction of your book. We also advertise your book using the Amazon Marketing Services platform.
  • Brand sharing –– You’ll be part of our CoolREADS brand.
  • Author Community –– You’ll be a member of our author community, meaning that you’ll be part of a group of super-cool people who will collectively drive their respective networks to our brand page, increasing the eyeballs on their, and everyone else’s, CoolREADS.

Still interested? OK, great! Here’s the process:

Step One

Email me, Jim Schell, at and answer the following questions:

  1. Your proposed CoolREADS title.
  2. A two-paragraph description of your proposed CoolREADS book.
  3. Your previous writing experience along with links to anything you’ve written.
  4. What makes you an expert on your chosen topic.
  5. The number of connections you have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Note: Your book’s subject matter must be in one of the current CoolREADS categories. You’ll find those categories listed at the end of this introduction.

We’ll review your request and if your title falls within our current topics, your answers to the five questions in step one fit our parameters, and if we like what we see, we’ll get back to you with an affirmative invitation. Then we’ll move on to step two.

Step Two

You’ll submit the following:

  1. Your proposed title and subtitle (both are subject to change, depending on how they’re worded and how they fit Amazon’s SEO criteria).
  2. The table of contents.
  3. The introduction
  4. Chapter one.
  5. A down-payment of $1,500.

Step Three

We’ll have our editor review your submission. If she believes your book is CoolREADS material, we’ll prepare an author agreement for the two of us to sign. The author agreement will also include your responsibility as a CoolREADS Author Community member. Once signed, the two of us will be off and writing.

If our editor’s review is not favorable, we’ll return your down-payment and bid you a warm goodbye.

Step Four

You’ll write, and submit, the first draft of your CoolREADS manuscript; it will include 15,000 words, plus or minus 20%. (12,000 minimum, 18,000 maximum).

Step Five

Our editor will do what editors do and then return the edited manuscript to you. You’ll follow up with her edits and return the revised manuscript to her. She’ll review your follow-ups and either approve what you’ve done or return it for one final rewrite. Once our editor has approved your CoolREADS manuscript, we’ll let you know and you’ll send us the next installment of $1,500.

Step Six

With the editing finished, we’ll do the formatting, front and back cover design, add the ISBN number, and then load your CoolREADS book onto our Amazon page. You can do the same on your own author page should you choose to create one. Your author page will include a link to our Amazon page, similar to the rest of our author community.

Step Seven

Once a month we’ll pay you a royalty of $1.00 per book sold. Life will be good, especially once you’ve sold 3,000 books and recouped your investment.


CoolREADS Categories

Currently, we are accepting titles under the following two categories:

  1. Entrepreneurship and small business
  2. Community betterment

On January 1, 2018, we’ll be adding the following category:

  • Lifestyle (Can include such topics as outdoor sports, hobbies, family activities, etc.).

Thanks for your interest in CoolREADS. Help be a disrupter and join our team!

Jim Schell, Publisher

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