About Us

The vision for Lights On Publishing came about when the three of us, Jim Schell, Aly Waibel, and George Wescott, had one coffee too many and decided to tweak the way the nonfiction book industry consumes people’s time. Our fledgling company immediately adopted the tag line “Quick Reads on Cool Stuff,” followed by creating the CoolREADS brand and product –– a collection of 75-page-or-so, quick-read books, in lieu of the usual 250-page titanics.

Another second unique twist to writing forged by the CoolREADS brand is that you don’t have to be Stephen King to write one of our books –– all you have to know is the topic you’re writing about, upside down and inside out. Enter Lights On Publishing: We provide the brand, the editing, and the publishing platform, whereupon our authors’ expertise (either in a hard-copy or e-book format) knocks their reader’s socks off.

And that’s not all. There’s even more to love about CoolREADS, such as the super-cool topical matters our authors cover. Our initial collection started with entrepreneurial and community-building topics, but in 2018 we’ll be introducing a fresh line of CoolREADS covering a wide variety of outdoorsy and lifestyle topics; topics such as mountain biking, running triathlons, yoga, Pilates, kayaking, and all of the other things that cool people like to do.

In case you’re wondering, the three of us favor cool stuff because we reside in one of the coolest communities in the USA. We call Bend, Oregon, our home, along with 90,000 other cool people.

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